Welcome to Majid Persian Carpets

Majid has been in the carpet industry in Australia since 1989. He has worked with various interior designers supplying floor coverings, and since opening his own business he has provided the perfect carpet for many satisfied customers.

Majid sources traditional and tribal pieces from Iran, including kilims and saddlebags. These pieces are individually chosen by him and are washed, and restored (if required) before being shipped to Australia.

All Majid’s Persian rugs are sourced from the mountainous regions of Iran. They are made in the homes of villagers, and the tents of the nomadic tribal people using local wool and dyes. The carpets are designed by the artist who weaves them, and are made without following any written pattern. Rather, the weaver is guided by her imagination. Sizes range from 90×60 cm up to 700×400 cm.

Majid is also involved in the design and commission of hand-knotted carpets using antique patterns with hand spun wool and organic dyes. In consultation with interior designers, he has commissioned a range of carpets which blend the traditional and the contemporary. Majid regularly visits the weavers in centres along the famous Silk Road to continually appraise the quality of the carpets being made for him. This level of contact enables him to order carpets and runners on behalf of his customers, according to their specific needs.

Our contemporary rugs are inspired by late 19th Century Zeigler or Sultanabad designs. They are woven in Mazar-Sharif, in Afghanistan and Agra, in India.

Please note we will be closed on Anzac day, Monday April 25.